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9 July 2020


On-line interview “4 chiacchere con” format with

Marco Monty Montemagno

"Stella di Parma"

(Star of Parma)

16 June 2019

Excellence acknowledgment to Matteo Zanfabro for the improvement of value of Parma region through his talent and wor


November, 8 2018

The project 3D VET is the winner of MSD Animal Health Community Award, price given by MSD Animal Health Italia, under the category "Healthcare in Companion Animal".


The award commission, composed by 3 technicians and 3 istituito members, decided to reward 3D Veterinary Printing "for the ability of innovating the veterinary surgery, both in pre-operative surgical planning and prosthetics builded through the latest production and printing technologies. This project, even if still on a experimental step, is placed on the level of other international experiences, representing a real innovation in veterinary medicine field, and this could enrich the technical experience of veterinary physician.". 




We want to thak

- MSD Animal Health Italia, for this great opportunity;

- The department of Diagnostic Imaging of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, with a special thanks to Prof. A. Volta and Prof G. Gnudi, and all staff of the Veterinary University Teaching Hospital of Parma;

- Dr. F. Barbieri and Dr. G. Mattioli, for the great help in orthopedics application of 3D printing technology;

- The group of Avian Prosthetics: Ciro CococcettaTommaso Collarile, Daniele Troiano ed Emanuele Moggia.


Without these fantastic people, all of this couldn't be done.

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We are on Skecthfab!

September, 17 2018

Check our new profile on sketchfab.com and find out the models for teaching and education purposes.

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New 3D VET Brochure

April, 16 2018

The new Brochure is available on-line!


Inside, you will find all you need about 3D VET services, with examples!

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Thank you!

March, 12 2018

Milano VETEXPO is over and it was a success! Thank you to all who decided to take some time to visit our stand and talk to us! 


Your interest for the project made us very happy and proud of our work!

We are on the right path!

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March, 10-11 2018


3D Veterinary Printing will be at MILANOVETEXPO.

Come and visit us at stand G30!

MILANOVETEXPO is a two-day international biennial event to promote and facilitate contacts between the industry and Veterinary Practitioners. The event is specifically addressed to Veterinary Practice owners and to all those practitioners who in view of their activity require facilities, equipment, products and services in order to optimize their performance.

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